Losing Faith In College

I’m losing faith in college.

Not the one I’m attending specifically; I mean the entire system itself. College has become something different since our parents attended, and so I’m expecting students who’ve joined a college in the last 5 – 10 years to be especially receptive to this post.

Throughout our entire academic career, colleges have launched MASSIVE advertising campaigns targeting High Schools around the country. If you’ve payed attention to these campaigns you’ll notice a pattern. These schools seldom advertise success and achievement. Instead, they sell you school like an insurance agent sells insurance.

Fear is the #1 persuader in our decision-making.

Colleges make money off fear. Fear that you won’t get a job, fear that no one will love you, fear that you’ll never do anything of importance aside from laying down $40,000/year.

Let’s not forget that most colleges are for profit. Which would be fine, except with large financial packages given out by our Government, schools have little incentive not to overcharge students.

In addition to overcharging students, they sell textbooks at criminally high costs. Why would anyone buy a $300 textbook when they can find the same information on Google for free?

They force you to take unnecessary courses on things you’ll NEVER use. And often these serve as pre-requisites for the classes you actually want to take.

This is literally what scammers do on the internet.

That would be like me charging you on online coarse about internet marketing, but the first 2 years are me teaching you about Algebra. Sorry, but WTF?

And here’s the kicker; you can’t default on any debt. That’s right! You can’t even claim bankruptcy on it – meaning that until you pay it off completely, the debt will stay shackled to you like a ball and chain.

Please forgive me for sounding rude, but there’s something especially evil about that.

We have over 1 Trillion (with a T) worth of college debt currently hammering down students. Most of whom have almost no real world skill besides graduating.

And you know what? I’m not claiming that college is unimportant completely. We’ll always need doctors, lawyers, medical professionals, scientists, and teachers. And these are great professions to be apart of.

I’m simply suggesting that if the end goal is to work for yourself, surely there must be a better way to gain insight on the information you want. I say this as someone currently attending school myself.

I’m still on the same boat as everyone else. But I’m losing faith and I’m losing it fast.

There has to be a better way.






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Refined Right 

You already know I write about current events and business. What you might not know, is that I write for a website called RR, or ‘Refined Right’. The website has a fairly right-leaning angle but the content is pretty moderate.

We have news pieces in addition to opinionated ones.

Shifting through my previous blog posts, I was surprised to have never written about them before. The people in charge, Autumn Price and John-Pierre Maeli are incredibly generous with what they allow for content – and they’re also wicked cool people.

You can expect to find all sorts of fun and interesting news nuggets. And for the sake of connectivity, I’m inviting you to check out my articles on there as well. Subscribe to our newsletter on RR to never miss a post.

And because yesterday was 4/20, I wrote an article about pot.

So there’s that.

Find it here: https://refinedright.com/

The Best Writing Advice Ever


A lot of people enjoy rambling about good writing.

But what does good writing mean? You’ll find rambling distort the illusion people know what they’re talking about. Most probably don’t.

Of coarse, there’s many talented authors that could easily school me too. But so for the sake of this article, I’m giving you the easiest writing advice ever:

Keep it short.

There I said it. Make writing easy to understand and brief. That’s it.

You might think this advice contradicts everything we’re taught about writing, with its verbose words and long paragraphs. What you’re missing is that educational writing doesn’t retain attention like a news story. It’s regimented and useless beyond classroom doors.

Picture your audience as a kid with ADD by a window. Make them pay attention. Attention, attention, attention.

Also, some sentences share the same meaning but are more difficult to understand. For example, “The boy kicked the ball” is easier to read than “The ball was kicked by the boy”.

Use this advice and you’ll be a writing pro.

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Does Blogging Make Me Evil?


Blogs destroy lives.

Does that make me evil for blogging?

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I blog often. What you might not know is bloggers are some of the best and worst people ever.

On one hand, they’re authentic reporters dedicated to facts and honest news. On the other hand, they’re greedy click-whores desperately generating traffic through demeaning headlines.

In other words, clicks come first and consequences come second. And as a result of controversial headlines, people’s reputations can be decimated. Which means that simply adding a HEADLINE can bring down anyone. That’s a lot of responsibility and I’m not ready to be responsible for that.

But the thing is, literally any writing piece published online is a blog. Anything from Joe-Shmo to the editorial board of the New York Times. It’s funny because despite their average viewership, both play by similar rules online. Both have tremendous power to influence a vulnerable online audience.

You don’t have money if you don’t have clicks. And boy, does drama sell.

The real reason I’m fearful of blogs is because of their efficiency. The fundamental source behind blogs is clicks. Which means blogs require quickness and efficiency. This means that if you break the first tweet or post with big news, you publicize it ASAP. Drama sells. Because of this, if any journalist claims to have “Breaking News” but doesn’t release  immediately, there’s a 95% chance they’re lying.

It’s why when Rachel Maddow touted that she had Trump’s tax returns, I was the first to call bullshit.

Even if she did suddenly get her hands on that paper, the taxes would’ve been published on Twitter immediately. And as it turns out *shocker* my prediction was correct. She didn’t have the president’s tax returns at all. Unless, of coarse, you count his 2005 tax returns. 


I’m not trying to brag and I’m sorry if it sounds like I am. What I’m doing is trying to shine a bright light on how unhinged this media system is.

The new media is scary and fun. Normal people have the same influence as news channels, and honestly I’m a bit worried. Anyone could take down an individual simply by word of mouth, and I’m being completely serious. 

Regardless of your opinion always question breaking news. You never know anymore.

Even if it’s from me.